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Back in 2006 Roberto Papalia and Stefano Lanzini, both experienced Mechanical Engineers, founded the associated engineering firm “Nova”.
After a successful career working with top tier companies from different industry sectors, Roberto and Stefano decided to incorporate their experience founding an engineering company to deliver a wide range of engineering services to companies worldwide in the automotive, aerospace and defense, machinery, and manufacturing.



The continued growth of the company and the increasing challenges from the customers allowed Nova to become Nova S.r.l. and to expand founding also Nova Solutions D.O.O. in Belgrade, Serbia.

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After more than ten years of growth, in a changing and evolving world, Nova felt the need to keep up with the times and change attire.
The enhancement of our human resources, always very inspiring for our evolution, took us to adapt ourselves to this new world, without losing our identity.
Nova has grown up and from 2020 we’re wearing new attire. With a new name and a new surname, it evolves becoming AXIRO Italia.


Always passionate about mechanics, Stefano grew up in a mechanical workshop, dismantling everything he could, gradually managing to assembly and repair. This passion invited him to choose a training course that, starting from the professional schools, led him to the degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Professionally, Stefano has always been working in the technical field, starting with work in a mechanical workshop on metal structures and mechanical components, during his school years, then moving to design and to coordinate technical departments.

Farther, the desire to study in deep and share the technical topics led Stefano to teach: first in Professional Courses and Technical Institutes and then at the University.

The desire to create a reality in which to express the accumulated passion and experience then raised into AXIRO, that he has been enthusiastically helping to grow for over eleven years.


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Roberto Papalia - Axiro Italia

Graduated in Mechanical engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan in 1993, Roberto continued his studies in Applied Mathematics at Università degli Studi of Milan.

At the beginning of his working career as a Mechanical Designer, he cultivates a particular interest in the numerical simulation disciplines, developing numerous projects in the area of machinery for different companies, reaching the role of Technical Director in the late nineties.

Starting about the year 2000 as an independent professional, Roberto founds the first Nova Engineering consultancy office, carrying out mechanical engineering projects, even getting some patents connected to this field of activity. In this period a relevant number of important customers like Airbus, Eurocopter, FIAT, and Gildemeister enable the growth of Nova Engineering to Nova S.r.l., nowadays becoming AXIRO.

At AXIRO his present role, side by side to being a company founder and director, he is the CTO.

2009 - 2021: 12 YEARS OF GROWTH

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