Engineering and Consulting

AXIRO Italia provides integrated engineering consulting services to companies needing to supplement their in-house expertise with skilled and experienced engineers

Comprehensive consultancy support on-site from concept to product launch

We work with our clients from concept to project completion to create and deliver new innovative products and solutions backing up our client’s targets and future strategy. Teaming up, our consultants can approach the most complex engineering challenges and advise our clients at every phase of the project life-cycle.


Our Engineers

Our consultants work at our clients’ offices worldwide, operating in complete synergy with the client’s organization

AXIRO consultants are all experienced and certified Engineers, credited for their specific sector knowledge and professional experience. Their deep understanding of specific sector issues, their analytical discipline and AXIRO’s back office support enable them to advice the client on technical questions relying on accurate data and thorough analysis.

Our Approach

Leveraging the strength of collective expertise

AXIRO Italia considers its remote team of consultants to be an extension of its global consultancy operations. As such we ensure that all our consultants on-site possess the right skill-set according to the client’s requirements to address successfully eventual technical challenges and deliver well informed and professional advice.

All our consultants benefit of AXIRO’s collective technical know-how and are supported by the whole engineering team at all time.

Innovation, cutting-edge technology and latest techniques implemented in industrial projects

Our Value

AXIRO Italia takes part since more than ten years in EU funded research projects, ranging from the Innovative Electric Vehicle for Energy Efficiency and Green Transportation Renewable Energy to Innovation in Green Manufacturing with Composite Materials.

As such AXIRO Italia enjoys all the benefits of a long and solid relationship with some of the most prominent International Research Institutes and R&D Departments of world-known organisations, this way accessing to the latest cutting edge technologies and techniques.

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