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Advanced Training Program for certified Mechanical Engineers

The competitive marketplace pushes engineering and manufacturing organizations to keep on top of the latest technological trends and engineering best-practices. Many companies are facing significant gaps between the in-house competencies of their engineers and the company’s technological needs to grow their business.

Based on its extended experience working and advising some of the leading companies in various industry sectors, AXIRO Italia has created a comprehensive Engineering skill-set update training program aimed at the needs of engineering and manufacturing organizations that are looking to upgrade/enhance the competencies of their mechanical engineers and designers.

The training program is tailored around the specific technical needs of the organization and covers key topic areas of the Mechanical Engineering best practices


As every skilled designer knows, any design project starting from scratch needs a layout concept as a preliminary activity. This happens in every field of the industrial design, such as machinery and mechanisms design, automotive design (powertrain or chassis) and aerospace. Once the specifications of a project have been given to the designer the very first steps that must be kept into account are:

  • – Interface in respect to the external environment/adjacent assemblies (e.g. engine positioning in the chassis) and interface in respect to the adjacent components in the whole assembly (e.g. crankshaft/crankcase)
  • – Functionality of the mechanisms (verification of specified movements/kinematics)
  • – Prediction of the shape of the different components, and of the assembly as a result of the layout (e.g. bodywork shape as a result of the suspension and steering envelope kinematics)

Advanced techniques like the “top-down design approach” enables to keep under control these requirements and easily develop an assembly design by modern parametric 3D CAD systems.

This training program is designed to educate about handling assembly design problems starting from the younger designer (who needs typically methodological support) up to the skilled and experienced designer (who needs to synthesize his ideas into a 3D CAD file).


Often, both skilled designers and junior designers need a support in using virtual design and simulation tools. What we can offer is a hands-on, pilot project-based, customized training to enable project engineers and CAE analysts facing up to the following situations:

  • – transition from 2D to 3D environment
  • – novel CAD/CAE system introduced in the company
  • – underused CAD/CAE system in the company and effective maximization of a software tool

Our customized training is based on various software tools where AXIRO has a wide knowledge and experience in real industrial projects and day by day usage.

Best practices

AXIRO has experienced developing a vast number of design projects, from the simple objects where it’s critical to manage standardization, the commonality of components, and variety (such as industrial components), to the most complex projects, like a whole vehicle design management, or large aerospace assemblies), where industrial companies need support in harmonizing and systematizing information (aftermath) of already developed projects into a consolidated, valuable, usable heritage of knowledge for dealing with next projects.

AXIRO has consolidated experience in supporting large and small companies in the following areas:

  • – 2D drawing for cost effective manufacturing (tolerances analyses, treatment choice, material choice)
  • – Design procedure development and dissemination within the technical area of the company
  • – Variety Reduction Programs (VRP)
  • – Design automatization (effective CAD assembly configurators) and product versioning
  • – Upfront simulation approach in product development
  • – Cost effective and rapid CAE product simulation

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