The axiro way

We are an international engineering company offering comprehensive engineering services to leading companies around the globe.

Our clients turn to us because they require innovation, improved products, attainable solutions, and a professional team able to respond rapidly to challenges to help them achieve their business goals.
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Teaming up

We are able to team up with our clients’ engineers and work with them using their standards.

Cross-sector Experience

We know how the very same problem is dealt within different industrial sectors and applications.


We are quick and effective about the requests of clients in no time.

Engineering Mindset

All our work is made thinking the way engineers do, using ingenious solutions, thinking out of the box.


We count tens of engineers with many different skills and abilities. Consequently, a high quantity of quality knowledge is on hand.


We take responsibility for what we do, we participate in the satisfaction of our clients’ expectations, who can rely on our persistence towards the solution.


We work for a long-lasting solution and for the best possible outcome.

Skills Assembly

We can build up the perfect working team for any specific requirement, with all the necessary expertise, with as many engineers as needed.


We use our ability to identify and suggest alternative solutions.


We persist until the right solution is found; we try always going one step beyond.

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Via Ignazio Silone 81

24059 Urgnano BG, Italy

+ 39 035 315 165

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