SPII new Manoeuvring Bench


SPII, a leading company specialising in the design and production of integrated manoeuvring and railway components, part of the Schaltbau Group, has recently selected Axiro to support their new design activity.

SPII has developed, with AXIRO standing behind, a test bench for the new series of regional trains. AXIRO’s role has been to support and assist SPII in updating and introducing new solutions to improve commands accessibility and ergonomics.

All the proposed solutions have been structurally and dynamically verified to ensure an excellent usability and the availability of a robust solution which provides the appropriate stiffness and it is not the source of undesirable vibrations.

The design activity lasted a few months and evolved with different iterations, which led to an excellent final result. For the first prototype, few modifications have been required and it has been realized in a very short time. This has allowed considerable economic savings.


Thanks to the contribution of Axiro’s design team, SPII’s Project Manager was able to test different solutions experimenting with new improved ideas.

Furthermore, on account of Axiro’s team of designers, it was possible to evaluate different solutions encouraging SPII to experiment with new improvement ideas.

The organizational structure performed very well and the product development, although remotely carried out, did not suffer from any particular slowdowns and has benefited from the support of the entire Axiro’s back-office structure, thanks to a rapid data communication.

All the assembly was also kept under real-time control: in fact, all involved designers were considered by SPII as the desk colleagues alongside.

Each step has been simulated using the most suitable Software CAEs, depending on the type of calculation. Simulation indications were therefore used to improve the solution and to meet the requirements.

Eng. Silvio Zuffetti, SPII responsible of the R & D division

SPII Comment

“The activity of the AXIRO design team has allowed SPII to realize the manoeuvring bench for the Caravaggio regional train in time for the eighth edition of Expo Ferroviaria in Milan and has been greatly appreciated by the customer Hitachi Rail and also by the Railways Italy Managing Director. Also for the future SPII considers AXIRO as a partner suitable for the development of new activities to support the important international projects in which SPII is a centre of competence.”

Eng. Roberto Papalia, AXIRO Technical Director and coordinator of the AXIRO team devoted to support the SPII project

AXIRO Comment

“I am very proud we have contributed to the success of this project. I was sure of the quality of the provided design, and I never doubt the possibility of carrying out the first operational prototype in a very short time”

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