Opera Industry: a new and intuitive way to make humans and machines interact

Technical management software for inspection and maintenance activities, connected in real time to machines and personnel in the field.

Axiro - Opera Industry
Axiro - Opera Industry

What is Opera Industry?

Opera Industry is the new generation platform, based on the Cloud + Mobile paradigm, capable of facilitating integration between different and physically distant subjects.
Axiro supports its customers in their transition to Industry 4.0, proposing and implementing the most appropriate configuration of Opera Industry in accordance with the customer’s needs.
Remote and decentralized management allows access to functions that until recently required the dispatch of technicians to the field.
Now, thanks to tools such as: document sharing, telemetry of machines in real time, interactive maintenance and inspection checklists, it is possible to carry out in a few minutes activities that would have required hours.

The Industrial Revolution 4.0

Over time, production has followed well-documented stages, starting from Industry 1.0 based on mechanization, up to the current Industry 4.0, consisting of intelligent and autonomous systems based on data and machine learning.

To date, to remain competitive, it is necessary to make the right investments in technology by promoting the automation of intelligent processes to ensure production improvements without compromising the safety and quality of work.

The adoption of enabling technologies such as Opera Industry contribute to the reduction of time to market and the cost of customizing the offer, with further benefits in terms of productivity of the factors and information available on production processes and throughout the life cycle of the products.

What Opera Industry can do for your company

It is possible to digitalize inspections and maintenance, bringing numerous concrete benefits both in increasing the quality of data and in the safety and efficiency of production processes.

Integrating the sale of products with the sale of services and solutions that meet a customer’s needs is one of the strategies that the industry can adopt to update its business model. Opera allows you to go from design to delivery, managing all the intermediate technical phases and after-sales.

Real-time Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data from sensors can inform companies of the condition of a component at any time.

Corporate auditing with Opera Audit

Creating value and improving management and control processes are actions that ensure quality and operational efficiency. By introducing a systematic and disciplined approach for the evaluation and improvement of management and control processes, one has the merit of providing information based on analysis, as well as on the evaluation of data and business processes at every level.

The Opera Audit real-time system ensures complete traceability of activities, also in the field, with quality management and operational efficiency, through the sequencing of three scenarios:

  • Data generation and acquisition
  • Processing and management of previously acquired data
  • Support to the decision-making process through real-time information

The Opera Industry solution portfolio enables companies of all sizes to implement current and future technologies for automation and digitalization. In this way, they can exploit all the potential associated with Industry 4.0 and prepare for the next steps in their digital transformation journey.

Monitor strategic data in real time

Thanks to IIoT (Industrial Internet of Thing) technologies, it is possible to give physical assets a digital identity, which allows the collected data to be monitored in real time and transformed into strategic information.

The management of assets, ensemble of properties, activiteies or resources that have economic value, through the IIoT improves the maintenance areas of the assets themselves, operations in the field, the management of downtime and planning. It is a driving force for the creation of new businesses and for opening up to new markets, through product innovation.

Running on the Cloud or on premises on the customer’s server, allowing integration with company management systems: Active directory, ERP, PLM, CAD and PDM.

A concrete example of IIoT concerns Digital Twins, that is the virtual representation of a physical entity. This digital component is connected with the physical part, with which it can exchange data and information and can interact and collaborate with other Digital Twins.

The integrated solution Opera IIoT HUB allows to acquire from the field the signals coming from machines (mainly PLC), installations or sensors that admit a possibility of connection, and can become an inexhaustible source of data.

Manage the fleet and maintenance

Opera Industry is a platform created to manage and monitor the machinery park and offer support to technicians in the field in a simple and advanced way.

Opera Industry, by monitoring all the data of the production cycle, ensures a real history of what happened to each asset and uses this information to analyze faults and carry out proactive maintenance interventions.

The activity history keeps track of what happened to the asset, specifying how the problem was solved, providing information on the technicians who carried out the work, the tools used and how long it took.

Furthermore, with OPERA Industry, even for older machines or machines that do not have sensors, it is possible to record data manually and graph them.

Automate and improve after sales

Transforming a company means intervening on the structure, processes and organization. 

In this transformation, it is possible to extend your offer by replacing the sale of the product with the sale of pure service, such as the performance or results deriving from the use of the product itself.

Opera allows you to reduce costs through a reorganization of service processes, helps to improve the quality perceived by the customer and increases the range of services provided associated with the product.

Opera is aimed both at companies that produce machines and have a distributed network of customers, and at companies that, in addition to the product, must offer efficient and quality after-sales support, throughout the life cycle of the machine.

Opera allows you to automate and improve after-sales, guarantee traceability, historicization of information and management of data from both machines and internal and / or external technicians.

Turn data into information

The introduction of a system that transparently allows all processes to be compliant with Data Integrity turns out to be a fundamental business ‘asset’.

The Opera system is able to interface with an innumerable variety of products and protocols.

It transforms unstructured input data into structured and configurable information and assigns metadata to each process for complete traceability.

Data Integrity must be addressed on a global scale, from data recording to the historicization of the state in a central repository.

Consult your data at any time

In order to improve and track technical personnel data, all processes must be digitalized. With the Opera Industry system, all processes are available and can be consulted at any time via the WEB and / or via smartphone.

With the Opera Industry App you can manage the activities of technicians in the field, from installation to start-up of machines and systems, up to preventive and predictive maintenance.

Specifically, with Opera Industry, the company can carry out all maintenance procedures through interactive check-lists on a mobile device.

Management of critical information through encryption and automatic backups on the server or on the Cloud.

"The data represent the knowledge of a company and manage its assets over the years. They are the safeguard in case of any dispute."

Frequent questions

Axiro’s mission is to build partnerships with organizations around the world, to provide the best multidisciplinary engineering services and solutions. With this in mind, Axiro has chosen Opera Industry to support its customers in the panorama of a digital transformation such as that given by the advent of Industry 4.0. 

The changes present challenges in outlining development strategies, and Axiro, aware of the direction the world market has taken, supports its customers through a strategic approach towards digitalization.

The deployment in the company is a simple and fast process. Basically, a couple of days are usually required to map company resources (Machines to be allocated within the system) and implement the control checklists.

Normally everything ends in two weeks, or even less in case of activation of the Cloud service.

With Opera Industry you quickly increase the efficiency in the management of your operations within your company. Based on our experience, it saves from 15% to 25% of the time for paper management and the execution of company procedures, and about 10% of the time for a better arrangement of the planned jobs.

Correct and more effective maintenance significantly increases the uptime of the machinery, which translates into a greater benefit in terms of both quality and operation of the machine itself.

Completeness is certainly the winning feature. In fact, Opera Industry has deep roots in the management of maintenance, also determined by the possibility of creating highly advanced and detailed checklists and control lists, but at the same time offers a simplified and complete management of all asset documents.

Furthermore, the system interfaces with other management systems and also allows the connection of machines to monitor parameters and operation.

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