Disinfection of public places and homes, buildings or public transport.


Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a method of sterilisation that uses long-wave ultraviolet light in the UV-C band (between 100 and 280 nanometres), which modifies the DNA or RNA of microorganisms and therefore prevents them from reproducing or causing harm.

The microorganisms have little protection against UV radiation and are unable to survive if exposed for prolonged periods.

It is a process similar to the effect of long-wave UV radiation (UVB) on man, which causes, for example, sunburn or the blinding effect of light. The bactericide effect of UV-C ultraviolet light has been known for over 100 years.

UV-C ultraviolet light is already used in various fields, from water sterilisation and the disinfection of operating theatres and surgical rooms to the sterilisation of laboratory equipment such as protective goggles, instruments and other tools.


The project originated from a desire to help combat the current COVID-19 pandemic and was developed from an idea conceived by our collaborator Ivan Gualtieri.

Seeing how much the pandemic affected our country, in particular our Bergamo, deeply motivated us to find a solution that allowed us to create a new daily routine in complete safety.

CleanLife serves to disinfect public spaces and homes, as well as buildings and public transport.

CleanLife’s operation is based on UV-C ultraviolet light, which completely disinfects the air and surfaces in less than 5 minutes.

This technology has demonstrated exceptional disinfecting abilities, proven by published scientific studies.


We have already installed a prototype, especially designed for public transport, on an urban bus, in collaboration with Locatelli Autotrasporti.

CleanLife enables the bus to be autonomous as it uses the existing electrical system.

The system is activated by the operator and automatically performs the disinfection cycle.

It is effective against COVID-19 (and in general viruses and bacteria) both on surfaces and in droplets in the air.
The project is ripe and ready for market distribution.

mappa di calore CleanLife
We began our journey almost a year ago intending to find a solution to mitigate a situation that, particularly in the Bergamo area, was extremely serious. We immediately starting looking for people to help us. Autotrasporti Locatelli enthusiastically joined the project and allowed us to install this solution on one of their buses. The present prototype, which works perfectly and is safe thanks to various protection devices, only requires a few tweaks to make it usable. Certainly the final goal is to distribute this technology not only in the Bergamo area, but in all countries affected by the pandemic.
Roberto Papalia
Roberto Papalia
CTO of Axiro
We decided to contribute to the CleanLife project so that we could continue our work in the local area with greater safety. UV-C disinfection technology is widely used in extremely sensitive environments, such as operating theatres, where thorough disinfection is essential. This fact aided our decision to choose this technology to protect our drivers and passengers.
Massimo Locatelli
Massimo Locatelli
President of ANAV Lombardy
Our cities, provinces and citizens, as well as the entire country are close to our hearts, and we felt the need to contribute to the country’s recovery following the hard blow dealt by the pandemic. CleanLife is what we could call “Columbus’ egg”; the simplicity and brilliance of this technology could help not only Bergamo but the whole world to live again.
Valerio Bettoni
Valerio Bettoni
President of ACI Bergamo

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