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Technoprobe, a leading company in the field of microelectronics, is specialized in the design and manufacturing of Probe Cards – advanced technological systems for testing the microchips of the main semiconductor manufacturers in the world.

Technoprobe has selected AXIRO to support its technical operations in the development of their mechanical components; AXIRO performs a series of activities including design, project and methodology consulting, analysis, and simulation, including the supplier selection process for manufacturing of the mechanical systems and tooling.

The Technoprobe/AXIRO partnership started in March 2017 when Technoprobe has selected AXIRO to design and manufacture a proprietary handling system for Technoprobe’s Probe Cards, providing a solid and secure solution for the safe transport of such precious and sensitive testing equipment.

Furthermore, AXIRO was entrusted with the supplier’s selection and management process of the product and eventually the delivery of proprietary equipment designed by AXIRO according to stringent requirements, needed to safely move such valuable testing equipment from storage to the work benches.

As a result of AXIRO’s performance, the business relationship between Technoprobe and AXIRO continued to progress. AXIRO was entrusted with the activity of improving the 3D design procedures and best practices applied at the time by the Technoprobe’s internal technical department to design the Probe Card, as well as the production machinery, proprietary tooling and fixtures, and the motherboards used in the post production phase for testing the Probe Cards.

Technoprobe Axiro
Technoprobe Axiro

In order to meet Technoprobe’s requirements and their delivery time-table, AXIRO has allocated engineering resources to work on-site together with Technoporobe’s technical department, to ensure more efficient collaboration and schedule between the teams.

As such, the use of numerical simulation work environments has led AXIRO’s team to achieve more precise results concerning the sizing of the various components within several Technoprobe products. Applying non-linear FEM analysis technics and thermal analysis enabled Technoprobe to meet its technical targets.

With regards to the skills-update training program, AXIRO has developed an advanced technological training program together with Technoprobe’s technical department to deliver best-in-class technical competences and latest engineering best practices to enable an effective skill-set specifically adopted to Technoprobe needs.

The collaboration between Technoprobe and AXIRO has been in place for almost four years and continues to develop and further increase over time together with the impressive growth and presence of Technoprobe in the microchip test market.

Eng. Vittorio Ricchiuti, Technical Director of Technoprobe


“The support provided by the AXIRO design team has enabled Technoprobe to realize several alternative solutions in a very short time, improving the quality of our products. The same Technoprobe customers have positively commented about the positive evolution and quality of the products supplied. For the future, Technoprobe will consider AXIRO as a suitable partner for the development of new activities to support the important international projects in which Technoprobe is considered a leader.”

Eng. Roberto Papalia, Engineering Director of Axiro Italia, and Axiro Italia's team coordinator

AXIRO Comment

“I am very proud in AXIRO’s team to have contributed to the success of this alliance with Technoprobe and I am confident in AXIRO’s ability to continue to deliver creative and innovative solutions and further contribute as a strategic Technoprobe partner.”

AXIRO operates across five major market sectors and provides multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy support to deliver effective solutions and products to our customers.

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