Product Virtual Benchmarking

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Virtual Benchmarking

Virtual Benchmarking is currently used by the best automotive manufacturers.

Let’s say, for example, we have to assess the passive safety performance of a car through an experimental crash test. When the competitor’s reference car is available on the market, three main problems immediately arise:

  1. The cost of a number of cars sufficient to carry out testing
  2. It is difficult to understanding the “isolated” behaviour of a component within a single test.
  3. It is impossible to test variants of the solutions that the competitor has already established.

Product Virtual Benchmarking

Summary description of the conventional approach compared to the AXIRO method.

Product virtual benchmarking

In any industrial field, a new project is almost always approached by analysing the state of the art.

Reference products affect the choices made by the designer, who assesses the work done by other designers either positively or negatively, and in turn chooses solutions that can best meet the requirements.

Where possible, competitors’ “best in class” products should be analysed with various methods that tend to record performance in as much detail as possible.

AXIRO has decades of design experience, which has highlighted two rather particular aspects:

  1. In some cases, either because of very tight product development times or because of the need to do something by all means different from the competitors, the designer does not pay enough attention to analysing the state of the art in a truly detailed manner.
  2. The second one is that, in most cases, the analysis is only carried out experimentally using functional, destructive and non-destructive testing.

AXIRO proposes analysing the performance of competitors’ products by systematically applying an approach that is almost completely new in many industrial fields, the Virtual Benchmarking.

As already mentioned, the range of applications of the Virtual Benchmarking starts from automotive, passes through the consumer goods sector, and extends to machinery and any other industrial field in which “best in class” products are available from competitors and can be used as a foundation for improvement.

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