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Our clients turn to us because they require innovation, improved products, attainable solutions and a professional team able to respond rapidly to challenges in order to help them achieve their business goals.


Disinfection of public places and homes, buildings or public transport. The project originated from a desire to help combat the current COVID-19 pandemic and was developed from an idea conceived by our collaborator Ivan Gualtieri.


Technoprobe, a leading company in the field of microelectronics, is specialized in the design and manufacturing of Probe Cards – advanced technological systems for testing the microchips of the main semiconductor manufacturers in the world.

Axiro Italia - Rops

Rops Simulation

Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) simulation: an opportunity to evaluate explicit solver performance in quasi-static phenomena.

WF01 - Sports car

The requirement of a sports car completely made of carbon fiber and compatible with the strict FIA-CN2 competition gave birth to this demanding and challenging project back in 2009.

Axiro Italia - WF01-The-Carbon-Fiber-Sports-Car

SPII new Manoeuvring Bench

SPII, a leading company specialising in the design and production of integrated manoeuvring and railway components, part of the Schaltbau group, has recently selected AXIRO to support their new design activity.

Geico Taikisha

Since over fifty years, GEICO TAIKISHA is being recognised as one of the leading companies worldwide in the design and construction of turnkey automated auto body paintshops.


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