A case study in the design and construction of turnkey automated auto body paintshops


Since over fifty years, Geico Taikisha is being recognised as one of the leading companies worldwide in the design and construction of turnkey automated auto body paintshops.

The alliance of AXIRO with Geico Taikisha started in the spring of 2019, when AXIRO was asked to carry out resistance checks for existing plants using the FEM calculation tools that it normally used for this kind of work.

Although Geico Taikisha is able to offer its customers fully customized plants, the company strategy wants to standardise the different parts of the plant to pursue clear economic and realization time benefits; AXIRO’s role was fundamental.

Such plants are particularly long, sometimes reaching hundreds of metres, so it became essential to take a modular approach to minimise the time required for system placement and any set up works such as welding.

Among the benefits of these modular structures, AXIRO focussed mainly on the coupling methods, analysing them in detail in order to optimise their functionality and facilitate assembly.

This allowed Geico Taikisha to compose its plants from single modules, simplifying the realization and achieving its goal of satisfying its customers, with a special focus on their needs. In fact this even made the plant’s customization process easier and simpler.

AXIRO’s use of FEM calculation tools meant ad hoc solutions could be studied for each individual plant, from resistance checks, reticular structures, choice of materials to use, and above all fatigue checks of the various structural steelwork elements and commercial components (such as bearings, drive shafts, splines, etc.).

This global approach made it possible to establish the life cycle of the plant.

Eng. Giambattista Gabrione Conveyor Engineering Manager, GEICO TAIKISHA


“Geico Taikisha considers AXIRO to be a suitable partner for the development of new processes to support important international projects in which Geico Taikisha is a centre of excellence.

Eng. Stefano Lanzini, CEO, AXIRO Italia

AXIRO Comment

“I am very proud to have contributed to the success of this partnership, and I am confident in AXIRO’s ability to continue providing creative and innovative solutions as one of Geico Taikisha’s strategic partners”.

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